Tuesday, November 2, 2010

List of Arabophone Elite Worldwide

There are many people who speak Arabic among the political, business, media and academic elites in the international sphere. And they are:

  • Mohammed Fahim, an Afghan warlord
  • Habib Hakimi, journalist & political analyst
  • Mohammed Omar, the leader of Taliban.
  • Younis Qanooni
  • Burhanuddin Rabbani, former president of Afghanistan.
  • Jacques Nasser, Ford Motor Company, former CEO


    • Hakim Karoui, Co-founder of Young Mediterranean Leaders.
    • Alain Gresh, journalist
    • Gilles Kepel, French scholar and analyst of the Islamic and the Arab world


    • Amir Moussawi, Iranain affairs expert
    • Hussein Royoran, Political analyst
    • Mohamed Saleh Sidiqyan, Director of Arab Center for Iranian Studies

    • Meir Cohen, Former Spokesperson for the Israeli Embassy in Cairo, Egypt
    • Shlomo Ghannur; Journalist & Political Analyst
    • Isaac Levanon, Diplomat (Former Ambassador of Israel to Egypt)
    • Danny Rubinstein, Journalist


    • Vatislav Matozov, Ex-diplomat
    •  Vitaly Naumkin, Director of the Center for Arab Studies at the Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences.
    • Lina Soponina, Head of the Arabic Department in Anbaa Moscow
    • Muhammed Zahid Gül , Political analyst

    United Kingdom

    • Lesley Maclaughlin, Journalist 
     United States
    • Faisal Abdul Rauf, Imam
    • As'ad AbuKhalil, Professor of political science at California State University, Stanislaus
    • Fouad Ajami: Professor of Middle Eastern studies
    • Nihad Awad: the Executive Director of CAIR (Council on Ameican-Islamic Relations)
    • Rima Fakih: Miss USA 2010
    • Fawaz Gerges, Professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science
    • Hala Gorani: CNN presenter
    • Octavia Nasr: a Mideast affairs expert and former CNN editor of Mideast affairs
    • Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Professor of Risk Engineering at Polytechnic Institute of New York University, and Research Scholar, Said Business School, Oxford University and author of The Black Swan
    • David Pollock, Senior fellow  at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy
    • Jennifer Rasamimanana, US diplomat at the American Consulate in Dubai
    • Khaled Saffuri: A researcher in Meridien Foundation for Political and Strategic Studies
    • Ben Wedeman: CNN's Senior International Correspondent based in Cairo, Egypt

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